My mission is to educate people of all genders and sexual orientations in their pursuit of healthy, empowering, and transformative sex and relationships. I spread my pleasure-positive message through my books, videos, writing, teaching, and lectures. I am a feminist pornographer who makes porn films that are consensual, ethical, and super hot! People often label my movies "porn for women," but they are actually for anyone to enjoy who wants to see spontaneity, performers taking charge of the scenes, chemistry between players, and real female orgasms.


Mexico City Days 1-2

The first few days in Mexico City have been amazing! We arrived at the Mexico City airport, cleared customs, and made our way out to find our ride. I spotted a woman with jet black hair holding a full-sized poster of Muestra Cine y Sexo, la Mirada Femenina, the film festival and conference (which clearly says it’s about women and porn)—how fabulous is that?

She escorted us to the hotel where all the out of town guests are staying: The V Motel Boutique, dubbed “the love hotel.” It’s super hip and modern and includes free (American) porn movies on the TV, a sex chair, a poster of various positions you can get into on said chair, as well as a “sex menu,” where you can order sex toys, condoms, and lingerie via room service. It’s pretty campy and fabulous.

We settled in, then headed to a bar with the other pornographers—Jennifer Lyon Bell from Amsterdam, Liandra Dahl from Australia, Ingrid Ryberg from Sweden, and Marit Ostberg from Berlin—for a pre-conference party. We met a ton of people who were so excited to meet all of us. I did a brief TV interview (!) and talked with students, professors, conference volunteers, and fans. We went back to the hotel and crashed because I had to wake up super early the next morning!

After a quick breakfast of hot cakes with honey, I met up with a filmmaker who’s doing a documentary about the film festival. She had a crew of 8 people, and spent about 90 minutes interviewing me and shooting B roll.

Then, we met up with Jennifer and Liandra and headed to the Frida Kahlo Museum (also known as Casa Azul), which is in the famous
blue house that she shared with Diego Rivera. The museum is full of artwork by her and Rivera, as well as photographs, personal letters, and the art they collected. Many of the rooms are set up as they were when Kahlo and Rivera lived there, with their actual furniture, art supplies, personal items, pottery collection, etc. It’s a really magical place, and I am so glad I went.

In addition, there was an exhibit called "El Bano de Frida Kahlo," which featured photographs taken by Graciela Iturbide in 1995 after the bathroom of Casa Azul was reopened for the first time since Kahlo’s death. She took photos of Frida’s corsets/back braces, crutches, medical supplies, and one of her prosthetic legs—all placed in the bathroom. They are black and white and very spooky and emotional.

Then we walked through the Coyoacan District (coyote district) and visited a local market before we made our way to a fancy lunch location that we had picked out ahead of time. The food was great. We ordered 5 dishes to share so we could try a lot and had everything from tuna steak to shrimp tacos to shrimp rolls to duck mole to grasshopper tacos! The grasshoppers were a really fun adventure. We each only had a little and they really didn’t have much taste, more of a texture experience. Now we can check that off the bucket list! We got some delicious churros from a street vendor, then headed back to the hotel.

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